Darling Ducklings


Every day in the Darling Ducklings room is a blend of cuddling and rocking to give a bottle and sooth to sleep, helping build blocks, play pattycake and sing songs...to teaching each child how to be social and how and older child can be gentle with our younger babies...from drinking bottles to learning to eat puffs and cheerios to solid table foods and drinking from a sippy cup.  The ages in our room are 6 weeks to 18 months.  Within that age range is a whole lot of learning and we enjoy them all.  Making our babies feel loved and secure is our number one goal because after that all they need to worry about is learning.

Caring for infants is an incredible job, from rocking to sleep and giving bottles to singing and playing pattycake.  As our babies grow from one month to the next, they learn so much.  We enjoy watching them learn and grow.

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Miss Palma-Assistant Teacher-I have been at NPCDC since 1994, with over 25 total years spent in the childcare field. My favorite thing about working with children is that they are honest, happy, innocent and lovable. I am married with a daughter who is a pediatrician in New York. In my spare time, I like to read and travel.

Miss Sue-Assistant Teacher I have been at NPCDC since 1997. I enjoy all the hugs, unconditional love and the silly things the children sometimes say. I am married and have a daughter and son. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and shopping.

Miss Maddie-Assistant Teacher - I have been with NPCDC since 2021. I enjoy working with children because there is never a dull moment and they make my day.

Miss Sierra-Assistant Teacher - I have been with NPCDC since 2022. I enjoy seeing all the children’s smiles and I really like singing with the kids. They make me happy.

Miss Marlene-Assistant Teacher - I have been with NPCDC since 2019.