Cute Koalas


Children in the Cute Koalas room learn through play. There are blocks and carpet toys which help them develop large muscle skills; dolls and housekeeping play to bolster social skills and relationships; puzzles, manipulatives and table toys to hone fine motor skills. Concepts such as colors, alphabet and numbers are learned through songs and word play and children become familiar with days of the week, seasons, months and holidays.

Social skills develop too, as children begin to learn the values of sharing, kindness, compassion and manners. These ideas are put into practice in the classroom by students and teachers alike, not only as social skills, but as beginning concepts of Christianity.

By the time students promote to the Perky Penguins room, they are prepared to take the next steps in their educational journey and they’ve done it all through play and creativity.

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Miss Sherri-Lead Teacher - I worked at NPCDC for over ten years and then spent many years home schooling my own children. I have been back at NPCDC since 2013. I have over 40 years of experience in the childcare field. My favorite part of working with children is watching them discover and learn new things. I am married with two grown daughters and a son-in-law. In my spare time, I enjoy doing crafts.

Miss Elaine-Assistant Teacher - I have been at NPCDC since January 2013. My favorite part of working with the children is their unconditional love, laughter, smiles and hugs. My husband and I have a daughter, son-in-law and grandson. I enjoy scrapbooking, reading and caring for my garden.